New games update!


New games update!

06 Dec 2014, Posted by Jeff Hong in New Games

I’ve added some new games to Punktendo, now you can play Ben Weasel’s Punch Out, Super Chumped Bros. 2, and Chuck Ragan’s Island.

Ben Weasel’s Punch Out also features Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, Mike Park of Asian Man Records, Paddy from Dillinger Four, and Glenn Danzig. If you want to go to the main title fight with the Weasel himself, enter in this code: 007 373 5963.

Chumped just released one of my favorite albums of 2014 called Teenage Retirement, be sure to play it on full volume as you fight your way through the dreamworld to defeat the evil Wart in Super Chumped Bros. 2! Drew, Anika, Dan and Doug are all playable characters!

And finally, play as Chuck Ragan himself in Chuck Ragan’s Island to rescue his wife Jill from the evil witch doctor! Throw axes and skateboard your way through the island’s obstacles.

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