Welcome to Punktendo


Welcome to Punktendo

06 Nov 2014, Posted by Jeff Hong in Press

Welcome to Punktendo, where punk rock meets 8 bit! First off, these games are playable only on a web browser that supports Flash. Unfortunately the Light Gun games are not working at this time, I’m hoping to get that resolved. I will be adding new games in the near future so please keep checking back for updates. Here’s the first press we got from Vice/Noisey today courtesy of Dan Ozzi.

  • Ben

    Where can we find the controls/how to play?

    • Jeff Hong

      Click on the Wrench icon at the bottom of the game to configure your keyboard controls.

  • Eric

    This is the greatest thing to happen to mankind ever.

  • Sam

    Any chance of getting a link to the ROM files for these? I would love to play the games on my real Nintendo with my flash cartridge!

  • Josh

    Please make Rollins Punch Out! This website is great

  • Ivan Barros

    Great work dude, congrats!

  • David

    I can’t open it, it says Flash Player Installation but only shows up a blank page where nothing happens. Please help!

  • MiloFox

    Hey man, you did a great work, really! Do you know that there are a lot of punk rock songs (from descendents, nofx etc.) 8bit remixes on youtube?It should be awesome if you put those songs in the games!Anyway the games are really amazing 😉
    cheers from italy

    • Jeff Hong

      Thanks!I wish I could add punk songs into the games, but unfortunately adding new music into NES games isn’t as easy as changing the art and is much more difficult! But the good news is that I’m working on new games to add to the site soon!

  • Wendell

    Dude, i don’t know how to play Masked Intruder’s Alley and the others shooting games, these use the same controls as the others ?

    • Jeff Hong

      Sorry, the light gun games aren’t yet compatible with the NES emulator that I use.

  • Toby

    Tim Armstrong: Excitebike might be cool 😉